Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry Mortar Production Line
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    Dry mortar production line has extensive application in producing thermal insulation mortar, anticorrosive mortar, waterproofing mortar and so on. Generally speaking, dry-mixed mortar production line can be divided into simplified, automatic, semi-automatic, staged and workshop mortar production lines. Dry mix mortar production line is mainly composed by control system, sand screening system, wet sand drying system, screw conveyer, raw material storage system, material measuring system, batching system, dry mortar mixer, finished warehouse and packing machine.


   Dry-mix mortar production line has wide application, which can be used to produce varieties of mortars. Automatic dry mortar production line adopts kinds of automation technology, and the feeding of fuel and materials adopt automatic frequency conversion technology, which makes the operation much more convenient and flexible. The dryer of dry mortar production line adopts mosaic structure, and the three layers rotate in totally opposite direction, which can greatly improve heat utilization rate, saving energy and costs. With compact structure, small occupancy, no redundant procedures, low energy consumption and less pollution, dry-mixed mortar production lines have held great honor all over the world.

Production Process of Dry Mortar Production Line


Four Layouts of Dry Mortar Production Line We can Provide

With the increasing development of domestic economy and the policy of accelerating the development of secondary areas, there has been emerged many dry mortar production line manufacturers in China. Our company has seized this opportunity, and our products have sustained the testimony of worldwide customers with years of producing experience. Our dry-mix mortar production lines have more than 40 percent higher heat and energy utilization efficiency comparing with traditional dry mortar production technique. Besides that, our machine can realize automatic operation and remote control by only one person, which save lots of labors and costs. What’s more, we can provide various dry mortar mix recipes for our customers to help them to undergo smooth operation and management. So, if you have any demand, welcome to contact us at any time to get a free quote or more details.



  1. The materials enter into bunker, weighting system, mixer, packing and other procedures through various conveying equipment. Each device is in horizontal state.

  2. The plant has low height, which makes it easy to install and maintain.

  3. The equipment has simple layout and relatively low investment.

  4. It has low investment and quick returns.




  1.  The storage silo is set higher than other types of equipment, and it is weighting silo, mixing silo, packing silo and others accordingly.

  2. The materials are raised to the silo at one time, and then it is transported by its own gravity.

  3. It has tight layout, small occupancy, low energy consumption, less intermediate equipment and easy cleaning.




  1. It can be applied to produce special mortar in small scale.

  2.  It needs less investment, less floor consumption.

  3. With compact structure, it can be installed in standard industrial workshop.

  4. It is a type of simple and flexible dry mortar production line.




  1. It has simple working principle and easy operation.

  2. It has low investment and quick returns.

  3. The working process: feeding by screw conveyor, mixing, finished product unloading, discharging, storing in finished product bin, automatic packing and final products.


If you are looking for the dry mortar production line to help with your business, welcome to contact us. We are one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers in this field. The customized service is also available. Check the quotation now.