Advantages of dry powder mortar equipment

1. Wide range: the equipment can meet the production and manufacturing of dry powder mortar of different requirements.

For example: masonry mortar, plaster mortar, polymer mortar for thermal insulation and mortar of polystyrene granules, etc.

2. Small investment: the device has obvious value.

In particular, the production items for external wall insulation and decoration mortar have small investment, quick results, and cost recovery in a short time.

It also avoids the waste of equipment and resources caused by over-investment.

3, the application is simple: this equipment has the cover an area of an area small, simple operation, low energy consumption, it can produce 5-40 tons per hour (does not need to build tall building, greatly reduce the upfront investment) and operation capacity small, less space, easy to operate, need not use the advantages of civil engineering can be installed directly.

4. Long service life: the material of the vulnerable part of this equipment adopts high strength wear-resistant steel.

To prolong their life greatly.

5, the dry mortar equipment host biaxial zero gravity mixing machine, the machine is in essence into more generation of new aircraft technology system based on the research and development, with automatic feeding and pneumatic feeding, bucket wall without block, no dead Angle.

6. Fully automatic computer control, intelligent identification, passive measurement, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability and accurate measurement.