Characteristics and Introduction and of Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry mortar production line is made of six parts, there are weighing system, packaging system,control system, mixing system, sand dryer and dust removal system.Dry mortar production line is to product dry mortar. Dry mortar is made of dry sand, fly ash,cement,thickening agent and other raw materials.

Dry Mortar Production Line production process: in the first place, the wet sand is conveyed by a conveyor to a screening machine for select and classify, and then sand is send to dry in a dryer of drying line by a conveyor belt. In the mortar production process, yellow sand, cement, fly ash, thickener and other materials are stored in the storage tank. Secondly, the user will send these materials in accordance with a certain proportion of weighing to the mixing mixer for mixing of masonry mortar, plaster mortar and floor mortar and other products. In the end, the dry powder mortar is transported to the construction sites by a dry powder mortar dedicated transport vehicles in the form of packaging or bulk.