Classification of powder and mortar equipment

Building block production equipment

It is designed according to the plant and investment scale of the manufacturer.

Low cost, reasonable process.

Also need to configure automatic measurement, computer operating system.

External wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, waterproof mortar, color decoration mortar, inner wall putty, ceramic tile binder, filling sealant and so on.

Suitable for medium-sized enterprises.

Tower production equipment

The system of this type of production line is arranged according to the function of top to bottom, which in turn is the raw material storage system, metering batching system, plow knife type mixer, bulk and packaging system.

First, the raw material is sent to the storage bin through pneumatic conveyor or bucket elevator.

(2) need measurement, storage bin at the bottom of the butterfly valve automatically opens, the raw material into the measurement according to (because of height limitations, and such as cement powder cannot be effective chute by gravity, the screw conveyor conveyor), measuring said according to preset program in raw materials take good for pneumatic butterfly valve, close the bin when the measurement.

After mixing the first batch of the mixer and placing the finished mortar into the finished buffer, the pneumatic valve is opened and the raw material falls into the mixer and begins to mix.

The mortar in the finished product buffer silo can be sent to the finished product loading machine, bagged packing machine and finished storage bin in the bottom of the distributor.


The distribution of raw materials of tower type production line is small, and the logistics is circulated in the sealed channel, so the energy consumption is low, the production efficiency is high, the raw materials waste less, the dust pollution, the failure rate is low.

And because of the structure of the raw material tank, the floor area is 1/3 of the planar production line.


Construction height, steel structure investment and so on.

Planar production equipment

Planar layout is relative to the tower type layout, project covers an area of about 8000 ~ 8000 ㎡ (12 ~ 15 acres), the main sand drying, drying plant, mixer, warehouse, office building, housing, etc.

At the same time, if the site is limited, 7.5 mu can be.

The planar layout is relatively larger than that of the tower, because the equipment is placed horizontally and the materials are transported into the bin, mixing, bulk and so on.

Characterized by relatively small investment, low height, easy to install and maintain.

The area is relatively large, the materials have been repeatedly raised, energy consumption is high, not easy to clean.