Compared with similar products in China, the machine has the following remarkable advantages:

1. Good dispersion.

Internal mixer adopts unique structure design, can effectively disperse polypropylene fibers and wood fibers, completely solved due to the different proportion of material segregation and fiber secondary reunion.

Use a wide range of USES.

The equipment can meet the production needs of dry powder mortar for different performance requirements. For example: masonry mortar. Mortar for mortar. The mortar for the insulation system.

3. Cost-effective.

It is aimed at the production project of external wall insulation and decoration mortar, not only the investment is less, the benefit is high, but also avoid the equipment idle and the waste of resources caused by overinvestment.

4. Easy to use.

The equipment has a small footprint, low energy consumption, easy to operate, and can be installed directly without foundation. 3 to 5 tons per hour and 3 to 6 workers can be operated.