Complete equipment for dry mixing mortar

Dry mortar from European construction market development in 1850 s, in which is widely used in European countries, has a history of more than 40 years, used for exterior wall thermal insulation engineering also has a history of 35 years in Europe.

Because the dry mixing mortar has the advantages of water saving, energy saving, convenient, fast, environmental protection and sticky relay, it quickly became popular in the European and American building materials market.

Nowadays in the developed western countries and many developing countries in the world are widely used in dry mortar as its main bonding materials and exterior wall thermal insulation material, and also has a rapid development in Asia and other regions.

Dry mortar is mainly composed of dry sand, cement, thickening powder, fly ash and other raw materials. The mortar of special technology will also add cellulose ether or other small additives.

Dry mortar equipment, is refers to the ratio of raw materials for storage and internal transport, accurate metering, mixing, until the finished product packaging and a series of process integration in the integration of the production line.