Composition of dry powder mortar equipment

Dry mortar equipment is mainly composed of storage tank, biaxial zero gravity mixing machine, winding machine, mixing silo, bin, finished product warehouse, packaging weighers, bucket machine, dust collector, automatic batching scale of measurement positions, framework, etc.

Reserves is mainly used to store the raw material, the general capacity of 60 cubic, number of 3, used to store the cement, fly ash, sand or other materials, the production according to customer's formula will cement, fly ash, sand, in proportion to the batching scale storehouse by batching scale warehouse with good material to bucket machine, fiber, powder and other small proportion precious masterbatch can through the electronic scale metering into admixture hopper, the bucket machine will ascend to the framework of the above material to be mixed within the warehouse waiting for mixed, then put the material discharged into the biaxial zero gravity within the mixing machine mixing, mixed material by pneumatic door into the finished product storehouse, again by the valve port packaging machine for packaging to complete the operation, compared with the simple type production line and advanced a step.

Dry mortar is mainly composed of cement, dry sand, fly ash, thickening powder raw material composition and so on, a special process of mortar still need to add a small amount of additives such as cellulose ether, the powder materials are stored in the storage tank is used for production.

The wet sand is first used to sift through the conveyor, then the drying process is carried out through the conveyor belt to the drying line.

1. Precise metering system

Ingredients are many ways of measurement, the performance is the best screw conveyor, the reason is that it applies to all the materials in the slurry, USES frequency conversion control, wear-resisting material, horizontal layout, high precision, long service life. Such as additive (material) is a measurement of trace. The proportion in a ratio of one thousand to ten thousand, is the key to the requirement of measurement.

2. Efficient mixing system

Mortar mixer is the key part of material production, is also a complete set of production line of the "heart". "with the tripod" brand dry mortar mixer is combining with foreign technology for the service of heavy-duty efficient mixing function to achieve the following performance.

(1) mix evenly over 99% and 1-3 minutes.

(2) it has a unique mixing principle and hybrid design to achieve a mixture quality and high efficiency to reduce energy consumption.

(such as the principle of mixing of organic colloidal particles with insulating mortar and inorganic vitrified microbeads insulation mortar)

(3) high speed flying knife, efficiently dispersing fiber.

(4) the machine adopts airtight seal, the pneumatic door is open, the unique door of the discharging device and the plate of the paddle board are designed for wear and tear, the service life is too long, the maintenance is convenient and reliable and stable.

3. Finished product warehouse and secondary mixing system

The finished product warehouse and the secondary mixing eliminate the fiber, the fluidity, the grain material appearance easy to tie the bridge and adhesion phenomenon.

The system is fast and continuous, and it can be used for the special raw materials and the gas float device.

4. Environmentally accurate packaging system and bulk technology

According to the product variety, the company provides valve pocket, open pocket, packing machine.

Packing range of 20-50kg, meet different project requirements.

By controlling the system, the operator simply sets the package into the valve port, and the other work can be completed automatically.

The packaged products are transported to the palletizer by belt conveyor, and the product is completed by the forklift truck.

Accurate weighing and high packing quality.

5. Intelligent computer ingredients system

Computer intelligent control system LCPLC.

The system has a bit precision correction software maintenance convenient, color CRT display section equipment process flow diagram, with double storehouse feed at the same time to shorten time, formulation ingredients management real-time, formulation ingredients statements, print production, raw material consumption reports, statistics and its class day, week, meadow, in quantitative management reports, etc.

6. Complete set of dry powder mortar equipment:

Production of dry mortar equipment, usually use 4-6 raw material tank, two of the big cans for bulk cement and fly ash, the rest of the small cans for put light calcium, coarse whiting, sand, small material, etc.

Bulk cement and fly ash can not be used for lifting equipment.

Bulk generally fly ash storehouse to the drum support structure, the upper dust removal equipment, prevent dust leakage and lower arch breaker is equipped with, prevent powder agglomeration, make the powder discharge smoothly, and is equipped with material level sensor equipment, may at any time use of warehouse material inside.

Working procedure of dry powder mortar equipment:

1, must be the first set of dry mortar equipment before commissioning all cheer reducer (according to the standard), the dry mortar equipment need to refuel standalone are: (1) pump speed reducer (2) ingredients said a pipe (3) bucket machine (4) double shaft mixer reducer (5) finished product storehouse 6 air compressor, etc.

2. Connect all motor lines, pneumatic control lines to the distribution cabinet, then try to turn the switch, adjust the steering, and say that the valve port packaging machine is ready for production.

3. First, open the bucket elevator, air compressor, dust collector, start the ingredients to start the work, and bring the material to the mixing warehouse.

4. Start the dual-axis weightless mixer, and start the finished goods warehouse motor.

5. After working 3-5 minutes, the dual-axis non-gravity mixer will start the finished warehouse power supply, and open the double axle non-gravity mixer valve to put the material into the finished warehouse for packaging.

6. When the pneumatic valve button is released, the pneumatic door is closed and the bucket elevator is activated for the second batch.

Cycle completion of the required output (the dual-axis non-gravity mixer at work and the finished warehouse always work).