Configuration of dry powder mortar equipment

Annual output of twenty thousand tons of cement mortar production line, usually use 3-6 raw material tank, two of the big cans for bulk cement and fly ash, the rest of the small cans for put light calcium, coarse whiting, sand, small material, etc.

Bulk cement and fly ash can not be used for lifting equipment.

Bulk generally fly ash storehouse to the drum support structure, the upper dust removal equipment, prevent dust leakage and lower arch breaker is equipped with, prevent powder agglomeration, make the powder discharge smoothly, and is equipped with material level sensor equipment, may at any time use of warehouse material inside.

Light calcium, heavy calcium, sand and small materials need to be put into small cans using bucket elevator, and the smart material distribution system supports a bucket elevator assignment, thus avoiding waste of resources.

The metering system, with the coordination of the measurement spiral, imports the raw materials in the hopper into the measurement warehouse, and realizes the measurement of raw materials through the data feedback of the sensor.

After measuring the good material, the screw conveyor is used to guide the main bucket elevator to the mixing chamber of the mixer.

To be a pneumatic large open door, we can quickly put the mixed materials into a non-gravity mixer, and realize the continuous production of dry powder mortar.

Mix the finished product in the mixer to open the door quickly through pneumatic, quickly put into the finished material warehouse for buffering and storage.

Between the finished product bin and the packaging machine, through the soft connection to the packaging machine measurement, packaging.

The large number of users can increase the belt conveyor at the rear of the packaging machine and direct the finished product to the finished area or truck.