Dry mortar equipment manufacturers how to do the quality control

The quality of dry-mixed mortar equipment affects the quality of dry-mixed mortar, and the quality of dry-mixed mortar directly affects the quality of the building, and ultimately will directly affect the consumer. So, dry mortar equipment manufacturers must strictly grasp the quality control, the quality control is the best, Beihai mortar machinery has the following recommendations:

First, a comprehensive dry powder mortar equipment quality awareness of education and training. Small and medium-sized thermal insulation mortar equipment production enterprises generally lower quality of the phenomenon of insulation mortar equipment business recruitment workers are more "migrant workers" rather than the real technology "workers", their minds simply no "quality" the concept of. Therefore, to improve the insulation mortar equipment business product quality, first of all from the staff to improve the "quality awareness" began.

Second, strict implementation of dry mortar equipment, process specifications. Production and processing of products must strictly implement the operating procedures, according to process requirements. Because the manufacturing process is the direct process of product formation, the quality of the product directly depends on the effective control of the process, any one part of the negligence may lead to product failure. In addition, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process, but also must improve the operating skills of production operations staff, do a good job in the production process of key links, will affect the product quality, process capacity and production efficiency factors are managed to build a sustainable Stable production of high-quality products of the production team.

Third, a reasonable set of quality control points. Reasonable setting of quality control points is the prerequisite for the guarantee of product quality, so in the process of quality control must set the corresponding control links. Second, the establishment of the "three seizure" system, set the internal quality control personnel, in the production of key processes to establish control points, and to determine the quality of the director at all levels for the quality of the first inspection of the finished product, A responsible person; Finally, the need to set up full-time or part-time quality supervision, inspectors. It should be noted that the quality control personnel must be independent of the production sector, the Department of Quality Control directly under the insulation mortar equipment, the highest leadership management, so that quality control can really play a role.

Fourth, the establishment of smooth quality of information transmission channels. Quality information is lagging behind the product quality is backward, there is no smooth quality of information feedback channels, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the products produced. Therefore, "the timeliness of information" is the key to solve the problem. Fifth, the effective control of bad products. Most of the small and medium-sized insulation mortar equipment enterprises in dealing with bad products, often overlooked bad reason analysis, measures to develop and other effective control means, the treatment of the problem is limited to the implementation of the responsibility and punishment of the surface, the result is the same problem repeated The Therefore, the handling of the problem must adhere to the "three do not let go of the principle", that is: the analysis of bad reasons not clear; no corrections, preventive measures have not let go; responsibility for untreated and education. In short, the quality of dry-mixed mortar equipment control is a long-term arduous task, enterprises should always put the quality of products in the first place, full of all the needs of customers in order to really get the customer's dependence.