Dry mortar Four products application advantages at a glance

Dry mortar products by virtue of its powerful advantages occupy a very large market position, today we briefly introduce the four products of dry mortar application advantages:

Masonry mortar: Used for masonry brick, stone and other blocks of mortar.

Product Advantages:

A. Excellent construction workability and bonding capability

B. Excellent water retention, so that the mortar in better conditions under the more dense gel, and can be dried in the base of block to ensure the effective bonding of mortar

C. Low-performance of plastic shrinkage and dry shrinkage, to maximize the dimensional stability of the walls

D. The mechanical properties of the rigid gel after gelation

Plastering Mortar: The mortar applied to the surface of a building or building component.

Product Advantages:

A. Able to withstand a range of external functions

B. There is enough water resistance to use in the bathroom and other damp room plastering works

C. Reducing the number of plastering layers and improving ergonomics

D. Good workability makes the construction good base surface smooth, evenly

E. Good resistance to flow-hanging performance, low viscosity and easy construction of plastering tools

F. The mortar is good for water retention and no cracks after hardening

G. Good water vapor permeability

H. Better cracking resistance and impermeability

Ceramic tile adhesive: Used for pasting ceramic tiles, polished tiles and natural stones like granite