How to operate dry mortar equipment more efficiently?

Dry mortar equipment carries the production task of the enterprise dry mortar, how to operate the dry powder mortar equipment will determine the production efficiency of dry mortar, and also affect the survival and development of the whole dry mortar enterprises. Therefore, we must be familiar with their dry mortar equipment, in the production process to continue to sum up the experience, and constantly improve the production efficiency of dry mortar equipment, especially to understand the use of dry mortar equipment attention matters.

Dry Mortar equipment

1. Dry mortar equipment for the discharge of the mouth, piping and valves must be packaged after the completion and replacement of the material before cleaning. Dry mortar After the packaging, if not cleaned in time, it is very easy to cause pneumatic actuator components to be bonded to dry mortar or even die. When the next packaging, packaging equipment can not be packaged or react very insensitive, and can not guarantee the accuracy of packaging measurement.

2. Must ensure the appearance of dry mortar equipment clean and tidy dry mortar packaging equipment in the use of the process, due to dry powder mortar splash and dust deposition, if not cleaned in time, will cause the surface pollution of the packaging machine and affect beautiful. Deposition of dry powder mortar, may cause the metering components to die or malfunction, resulting in reduced packaging accuracy.