Six Principles of Adaptability of Insulation Materials to Housing Construction Project

First.  insulation performance.

The lower the thermal conductivity of the material, the thinner the required design thickness, for thermal conductivity greater than 0.045Wm2K insulation products, the basic can not meet the requirements of high energy-saving buildings.

Second. dimensional stability.

Insulation material should have good dimensional stability, if used for engineering plate prone to warping deformation, it is easy to cause the outer surface cracking water seepage.

Third. the water absorption performance.

Insulation material in the state of water absorption performance will be drastically reduced, so the insulation materials used in the project should be low water absorption. Now a lot of rock wool board, phenolic board, insulation mortar materials are highly absorbent materials, the actual insulation performance is far less than the theoretical results.

Fourth.  quality and reliability.

Common insulation sheet, fixed size, insulation performance is also very stable, and reliable protection.

Fifth. the construction of convenience.

At present, many new materials do not have the appropriate construction convenience, such as vacuum insulation board and other plate is difficult to cut the scene, the adaptability of the base wall is very low; but there are also a corresponding new material has a very obvious construction convenience, For example, Nanyang Yintong company's YT insulation materials, watered to build, greatly reducing the construction time.

Six. safe fire.

Construction Department of the latest issued 046 document, requiring more than 50 meters of public buildings need to use A-class insulation materials, 50 meters below the B1B2 level insulation material available, and according to the situation need to set fire isolation zone. According to the burning performance of building materials, B2 grade material is "combustible", B1 level is "flame retardant", A grade (inorganic material) is "nonflammable".