The measuring ingredients of dry powder mortar equipment

Under the premise of ensuring the rigidity (especially the installation and supporting part of the weighing sensor), the weight of the measurement and distribution warehouse system should be as light as possible.

It has a

The effective volume is 110-120% of the total volume of various formula materials.

The Angle of the Angle is designed according to the flow of the least liquid material.

If the Angle of the Angle of the cone Angle is too small, the material in the warehouse is not clean, the instrument shows no return to zero, and cannot automatically enter the stop state of the next step program, and the result of the automatic production line is interrupted.

For materials with very poor fluidity, a number of one-way jet flow can be set up in the middle and lower part of the warehouse.

Flexible silo can be used;

In order to reduce friction resistance and improve anti-corrosion ability, a convenient stainless steel lining can be designed.

The connection part of the weighing sensor and weighing sensor should be raised, limited and pre-supported.

The three weighing sensors must be symmetrical and evenly distributed.

The measuring material bin generally designs a ring plate, an increase of rigidity, and the positioning weight, convenient calibration.

Weighing sensor selection

Weighing sensor is one of the core components of the metering silo.

The correct selection of its characteristic parameters is essential to ensure the accuracy of the metering ingredients.

Its main characteristic parameters include: installation form, rated load, maximum allowable load, sensitivity, bridge voltage, resolution, repeatability, hysteresis, temperature impact, etc.

The rated load is generally 120% of the total tare weight and the maximum weighing amount (the total amount of the maximum technological ingredients of various materials).

If the selected specification is too small, the impact load and incidental factors generated in the feeding process may cause the weighing sensor to be damaged.

If the selection is too big, the resolution is not enough, the influence is accurate.

Weighing sensor

Weighing sensor

Calibration of the measuring material bin

1) the linear calibration shall be prepared according to the rated aggregate quantity and the standard weight of sufficient quantity and fineness shall be prepared.

Weight position should be symmetrical.

Asymmetrical placement, preferably within the effective support surface.

And ready to be tested qualified instrument.

The resolved unit display value should generally not be greater than 1/5 of the absolute value.

Test of discrimination: the weight of 0.03% of the rated aggregate amount shall be placed on the warehouse. The instrument shall be displayed.

20% of the rated gross material;




100% of the 5 points.


The weight of the load should be calculated respectively because the weight is inseparable, so it should be rounded to the nearest value and calculated the percentage value (reference).

The standard values of each corresponding point are calculated.

About 0% of the rated gross material;





100% (or about 0%;



The corresponding weights are loaded in sequence, and the display values are recorded.

Press about 100% again;






(or by about 100%;


2 0%;

0) the sequence of the corresponding weights is unloaded in sequence, and the meter display value is recorded.

The loading and unloading process is carried out 3 times.

The measured record value is compared with the corresponding standard value of the calculated points, and the absolute value of its difference value is the absolute value error.

The absolute value error is the percentage value of the standard value, which is the relative value error of the warehouse.

If the user requires to do physical calibration, the high - precision weighing device can be used as the standard for testing.

2) the control error test is a test of the control error of the calibrated metering silo, which is actually the test of the control accuracy of the feeding device.

These include the mechanical structure and the instrument running program scientific, reliability and stability.

According to the process ingredients of various materials, according to the order of ingredients, check and check.

The parameters are allowed to be adjusted until the accuracy of the ingredients is met.

Note: it is best to use the full range object as the minimum error, but according to the situation.

All in all, the less you're approaching the full range error

Sequence of ingredients

Start feeding device according to process order.

The fast feeding device stops when it is quickly added to the metering silo to approximate value (when the specific value is adjusted).

The finishing feeding device continues to add, gradually approaching the quantity of the ingredients. Considering the suspension quantity, the fine loading device is gradually decelerated in advance (the preset adjustment is determined).

Meanwhile, the cut-off valve closes immediately, intercepting the potential collapse.

Instrument at any time tracking for the shoes, after feeding device has stopped, delay Δ t seconds, after being stationary, instrument and stable display value, material process measuring for the first one.

Next, the second material begins to quickly add to the measuring material...

Repeat the procedure until all the ingredients are completed.

Consider the operator's operating habits and specific requirements, but also manual point action.

After all the batching work is completed, the slanted seal valve in the bottom of the warehouse is automatically opened, and the material of the measuring material warehouse is discharged into the mixer through the soft joint and the pipe.

After the material is emptied, the instrument is returned to zero and the oblique seal valve shuts off automatically.

Go to the next ingredient cycle.

If the material cannot be emptied in time, the oblique seal valve cannot be closed automatically.

You can't go to the next program.

At this point, the jet nozzle automatically slanting downward jet, discharging the material.

If it is a flexible barn, automatically start the massage device to discharge the material.

The oblique seal valve is very important and can be fully sealed.

If the valve seal is not well sealed, leakage will not only affect the accuracy of the ingredients, but also the dust in the field is too large to pollute the environment