The operation process of dry powder mortar equipment

It is well known that the dry powder mortar equipment is designed according to repeated inspection and rigorous demonstration, including raw material storage, drying, grading, measuring, mixing, bagging and bulk machinery.

The PL3000 and human-machine interface touch screen are used to complete the mixing of measuring ingredients and mixing machines.

The design is very friendly, the input of the formulation, the setting of work parameters, the operation of the real-time interface can be easily grasped by the ordinary workers, and all controls during the period are completed by the control device.

The computer console of the batching system increases the indicator light of the simulated production process, and the production process flow chart is arranged.

Therefore, the operator can observe whether the work is reliable and the equipment is working properly when the equipment is working.


Because dry powder mortar equipment can realize continuous operation, high production efficiency is the preferred equipment of users who require high degree of automation and large output.

Main features from the sand and gravel crushing, screening, drying to the raw material automatic measurement, automatic stirring, automatic, automatic bulk bags, fully USES the microcomputer control, which can realize continuous mass production, to ensure that the products are in strict accordance with the formula to control production, reduce the human error, to ensure the product quality stability.

And equipped with manual control system, can realize the ingredients, stirring process manual, automatic control interchange.

The whole production line of dry powder mortar equipment is unique, the technological process is simple and the science is reasonable.

According to customer's product formulation requirements and different investment scale and site environmental protection, tailor-made for customers, provide cost-effective production plan.

It is designed for precision, uniform mixing, short period, no dead Angle, environmental protection energy saving, high yield, low labor intensity, low labor intensity, energy saving and environmental protection, durable and convenient maintenance.