There are several problems to be paid attention to in the selection of dry mixing mortar equipment

Construction of dry mortar stand more and more enterprises, in terms of equipment type selection, should according to the demand of the market and accurate market positioning, select the appropriate meet demand of target production line, remember that blindly following the pursuit of large capacity equipment, thus deviate from the market rule caused by waste and idle equipment function, should be based on financial analysis and investment payback period of the economic effect evaluation option value of the optimal equipment.

Xinxiang Hengyan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Responsible for selecting dry mortar Equipment from several aspects.

1. Select according to the production capacity

Ming will have the production of dry mortar equipment model including MG10, MG20, MG30, MG50, MG10 said dry mortar equipment production capacity of 100000 tons a year, according to the annual production of 300 days, 16 hours a day, or a production capacity of 20 tons per hour, the selection of investors according to their own needs.

2. Select according to sand source

At present, the sand source in the market is basically divided into two kinds, one is natural sand, one is the mechanism sand.

Each of the two sand sources has its advantages. Natural sand is easy to obtain and has low cost. However, due to damage to the riverbed and the ecological environment, some provinces have banned the exploitation of river sand in recent years.

The mechanism sand is high in dust and cost, but the use of mechanism sand can reduce the drying cost and is suitable for areas with no natural sand resources.

This should be based on a reasonable selection of local conditions.

3. Equipment configuration selection

Sold in the market of dry mortar station (not including simple stand) form is complicated, but basically dry mortar production line is divided into four parts: part dry sand drying, dry sand screening storage, dry sand and other powder (including cement, mineral powder, additives, etc.) measurement mixture stirring discharging part of mortar, finished product storage.

In addition, the addition of dry sand to improve screening storage and dry sand measurement is an essential configuration, and the dry sand drying part and the finished mortar storage can be configured according to the actual situation.