What are the main ways to use and circulate dry mortar abroad?

Developing countries are not using bagged dry mortar in many bulk shipments, but instead of filling the dry mortar into large containers (ranging from 1M ³ to 20 m ³), and the containers shipped to the site of dry mortar equipment, through the appropriate conveying system from the container directly to the connected stirring, pumping equipment in the mechanical automation of dry mortar and water in proportion to mixing and pumping to construction equipment.

Due to the dry powder mortar in the silo transport automatic mixing, pumping and mechanized, use to make the production efficiency to achieve the traditional production of 500-600, in addition to improve the efficiency of production, mechanized mixing and use of dry mortar can ensure the correct treatment and construction of mortar. and overcome the excessive or too little water, or the mortar formula error This kind of potential errors. This is especially important when you hire turnip leaves or unskilled workers on the site. Dry mortar obviously improves the productivity of construction sites. This product is highly reasonable and is simple, fast and more efficient and safe to handle and process. It avoids the possibility of a mixture of errors in the field and ensures stable and excellent results. Avoiding the use of emulsion field modification and on-site mixing technology can bring stable and high-quality technological level. The use of renewable latex powder modified dry mortar can obviously improve its construction, adhesion, flexibility and deformation, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, cohesion strength and durability.