What are the significant work advantage dry mortar equipment

Known as dry mortar equipment is used in the production of building mortar equipment, small investment, quick effect, is economic and practical small and medium-sized mortar production equipment.

Equipment cover an area of an area small, simple operation, low energy consumption, high output.

It is mainly by the mixer, mixing device, raw material tank, transmission device, valve mouth packing machine, dust collector, the control system.

Dry mortar equipment

Mixer is an important part in dry mortar equipment, will be mixed evenly, no dead Angle, high efficiency, equipment wear, discharging speed, suitable for dry mortar, dry mortar, insulation mortar paste, ready-mixed mortar and interface agent, putty powder, chemical powder mixing, measurement etc.


Up and down a building structure is used to dry mortar equipment, reduces the intermediate links to reduce throughput increase the working efficiency to increase production, products can be used in bulk and two kinds of bags, bulk used direct material storage tank capacity of 15 tons/hour, using more than one valve bags mouth packing machine to ensure production of no less than 8-10 tons per hour, damageable parts using high strength wear resistant steel processing, all have the characteristics of long service life.

Dry mortar equipment

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