What is the pre-mixed mortar equipment? What are the characteristics of pre-mixed mortar equipment?

The production of pre-mixed mortar is different according to the requirements and market differences.

Commonly used is tower process layout, to upgrade all pretreatment good materials to raw materials inside the silo, raw material on its own gravity flow from the bunker, the computer batching, screw conveyor measuring, mixing and then to packaging machine packaging bags or bulk loading bulk truck or into the finished product tank storage process become the final product, after all the production is controlled by a computer system operation, the ingredients of high precision, the use of flexible, closed production system equipment makes the site cleaning, no dust pollution and ensure the health of the workers and the equipment structure is advantageous for the extension module type, can make the production capacity and the development of the market.

Ready-mixed mortar equipment: ready-mixed mortar equipment mainly by the cement storage tank, storage tank, fly ash yellow sand material storage tank (which can be set according to customer requirements, and delete), size of batching scale, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, premixed storehouse, biaxial blade without gravity (coulter) mixer, finished product warehouse, dust removal system (impulse type dust collector), gas phase equilibrium system and control system (push button, the PLC industrial control type), surge bin, automatic packaging machine.

Different ready-mixed mortar material is fed into automatic metering biaxial blade without gravity (coulter) mixer, after mixing into the finished product warehouse, part by automatic bag packaging machine, part of the machine through ascension to the bulk material storage tank by bulk car note into the tank back into the construction site, directly on the back below feeder into the water tank storehouse use while stirring.