What problems should be solved in developing the energy-saving construction industry?

First, relevant laws, regulations and policies should be improved. At present, it is necessary to supplement and perfect relevant laws and regulations on building energy efficiency as soon as possible. Uniform energy conservation standards and energy saving targets shall be implemented, and the contents, procedures, time limit, energy saving standards and effects of construction energy saving services shall be clearly defined. At the same time, local laws and regulations should be introduced in line with local conditions, as well as detailed rules and regulations for the implementation of policies and measures. Establish energy efficiency audit, energy efficiency assessment and building energy certification and identification of the building energy management system, and formulate and improve the corresponding rules and regulations.

Two is to improve the building energy saving technology innovation system and incentive mechanism. The establishment of energy-saving technology and product information service platform, strengthen scientific and technological exchanges, promote cooperation and innovation, so that relevant parties can timely understanding of the construction of new energy-efficient technologies and products, and promote scientific and technological achievements to promote the application and transformation. The government continues to encourage the promotion of building energy saving technology innovation at the same time, should increase in building energy saving technology transformation, taxation, credit, government procurement, intellectual property, technology, infrastructure and other aspects of incentive policies.


Three is to give priority to the development of government and public service units building energy efficient service market. The implementation of the contract energy management, promoting government agencies and building energy saving service enterprises long-term cooperation, in order to play the leading role of the government agencies on the market, improve the other energy using units of building energy and attention degree. For public buildings such as energy efficient schools and medical institutions, compulsory standards can be established, effective rewards and punishments system can be established, and public construction institutions will be encouraged to carry out energy-saving projects. For the existing residential buildings with potential for energy saving and renovation, the market can be gradually developed through the formulation and implementation of the existing energy-saving standards for residential buildings and the combination of effective economic incentives.

Four is to open up diversified financing channels. The government should increase investment in research and development of energy-saving technologies and products construction, establish various forms of funds for the transformation of the building energy saving technology innovation and scientific and technological achievements, support and encourage scientific research institutes and enterprises to increase energy-saving technology. At this stage, the main legal, economic and other means to open a wide range of financing channels. For example, the formulation and implementation of the building energy conservation project loan policy, so that banks can provide loans for the policy, including increased loan amount, lower loan interest rates, to extend the term of the loan or is suitable for the development of this kind of project financial products, such as project financing.