What should be noticed in the efficient operation of dry mortar equipment?

Dry mortar equipment carries the burden of production site mortar, only efficient operation equipment can improve the production efficiency of dry mortar equipment. Also accelerated the progress of the project. All, we need to have enough knowledge and understanding of dry mortar equipment, in practical operation of the experience constantly, to improve the production efficiency of equipment. Pay attention to the following points.

Dry mortar equipment before the official work, to the operation of the empty machine, the operation before the nosebleed to the conveying pump, reducer, batching weighing bucket, bucket lifting machine, double-shaft mixer, finished silo reducer, air compressor and other components to refuel equipment. Ensure that the equipment has sufficient lubrication capacity. Turn on the power of all devices and debug them individually. Prepare for production. When the fighter hoist, air compressor, dust collector, open the beginning of the work of the ingredients said that the good material has been lifted to the hopper. Then start the two-axis non-gravity mixer 3-5 minutes after work, start the finished warehouse motor, open two-axis non-gravity mixer valves to put the material into the finished product warehouse packaging.

The above is how to efficiently operate the equipment process. But the following points should pay more attention to check.

Dry mortar equipment for discharging the mouth, after the packaging to be cleaned in time, in the replacement of materials. Dry mortar in the guarantee after the completion of not timely cleaning, it is easy to again pneumatic actuator components are bonded dry mortar or even die. When the next packaging, packaging equipment can not be packaged or react very insensitive, and can not guarantee the accuracy of packaging.

Strengthen the dry mortar equipment of the compressed air pressure regulating valve maintenance, to periodically refueling, because the compressed air pressure valve oil can lead to drive cylinder movement is not smooth, the impact of the controller command execution, resulting in the accuracy of measurement error or even the execution of cylinder misoperation.

The efficient work of dry mortar equipment, i. e. The efficient operation of operators, is inseparable from routine maintenance. Only in this way can ensure the safe and efficient production of dry mortar equipment.