What should you pay attention to when selecting dry powder mortar equipment

With the implementation of building energy efficiency policies and regulations, external wall insulation has become one of the standards of the construction industry.

How to choose the most energy-saving dry powder mortar equipment has become a number of building materials enterprises top priority.

Today we will go into details.


The shell of dry powder mortar equipment is closed and microporous structure.

On the one hand, closed shell can prevent the mixing water entering the lightweight materials, on the other hand, the characteristic of the microporous structure and can make the gas through the lightweight materials, thus ensure the by the slurry made of lightweight materials and the permeability of plaster material, and can prevent a greater water absorption.

The advantage also is that the air is easy to enter mortar and plaster material through the aggregates, so that the material can be quickly hardened and dried.

In addition, the glass microbeads can be used to replace the foaming agent and traditional lightweight aggregate in lightweight concrete, and realize the light quality, heat insulation, fireproof and sound insulation of concrete.

In recent years, dry mortar equipment has been widely spread all over the world, how to quickly grab market and firmly in a strategic position, equipment type selection is one of the first step, is also the most crucial step.

Choosing to use durable devices will give you a lot of unnecessary trouble later.