When we use dry mortar equipment considerations

Dry mortar equipment and other mechanical equipment in the process of working to ensure that the equipment work completed successfully, you need to pay more attention to some details, and the work is easy to overlook a lot of users, in the usual use of details we should pay attention to the following five items, hope later users in the use of dry mortar equipment can increase the five aspects of work.

Dry mortar equipment

1, the mixer in the case of normal use, need to pay attention to the operating personnel should be regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, if found abnormal operating equipment or offset the position such as the operation of the equipment, need to turn off the power supply in a timely manner, for a full range of inspection and maintenance, after the inspection, use and operation of the right.

Combination of 2, dry mortar equipment is divided into the ideal mixing, random mix, and incomplete mixing three states

3, when suddenly loses power, should be released materials of the mixing machine and then on to start the machine.

4, material mixing degree in dry mortar equipment, depend on the proportion of mixed material, physical state and features, as well as the type of mixing machinery used and the duration of the mixed operation and other factors.

5, the mobility of mixer is very poor, mutual adhesion of particles or solid, are often used with mechanical turning and press, rolling machine.

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