Why should we standardize the marketing of dry mortar equipment?

1. Current dry mortar equipment product development and application in the domestic market development, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian and other applications of the main areas of this block, technology is a mature application range is more and more extensive, there is information that dry mortar production line will be the future development potential of one of the most building materials, experts reminded that in good development situation, investment in dry mortar industry must be cautious to avoid a surge in the market.

2. Dry mortar equipment market in the last two years, today, especially fierce in the future will be more brutal current characteristics are, heavy price light quality low price is the most perfect sales way, the emergence of this situation, mainly because of the investment in dry mortar equipment market from the present, the field is a new industry products of relatively high value-added, considerable development potential many enterprises have flocked to this market, But ignored the dry powder mortar equipment product development and application must have certain economic and technical strength, otherwise it is difficult to produce good products now the market is not much dry mortar equipment. Production enterprises whether the technical level or economic strength is not the difference, some are totally others not have the conditions since the sent to the production of the so-called dry mortar equipment products will be sold in the market. Some of the small parts of the enterprise sales are cheap Now the project development is basically by the developer and the general contractor decides. The control of costs is increasingly stringent so that manufacturers have to follow their oil to change, once the product profit margins are reduced, these manufacturers only through other means to solve, and ultimately falls on the product is that you are said that the quality of products for the cost of some fake the opportunity to mix the market this will give the community a lot of adverse consequences.