3-50000 Tons Of Fully Automatic Production Line Of Dry Mortar

3-50000 Tons Of Fully Automatic Production Line Of Dry Mortar
Product Details

Annual output of 50000 tons of dry mortar production line do the sand drying system.

The equipment is high intelligent degree, simple man-machine dialogue, while improve efficacy, unit energy consumption and labor costs significantly reduced.

Annual output of 50000 tons of fully automatic production line of dry mortar has the following features:

1, precise metering of the batching system

Measuring ingredients are many ways, including performance * good is screw conveyor, the reason is that it applies to all the materials in the slurry, USES frequency conversion control, wear-resisting material, horizontal layout, high precision, long service life. Such as additive (material) is the measurement of trace. The proportion in a ratio of one thousand to ten thousand, is the key to the requirement of measurement.

2, efficient hybrid system:

Biaxial zero gravity mortar mixer is * key part of material production, is also a complete set of production line of "heart". Our factory biaxial zero gravity mixing machine is combining with foreign technology for dry mortar equipment services heavy-duty efficient mixing function to achieve the following performance.

(1) mixing uniformity over 99%, 1-3 minutes.

(2) has a unique mixing principle and mixing machine design and mixing quality and efficiency on the basis of reducing energy consumption.

(3) the whole machine adopts gas seal, pneumatic door, door unique discharging device, plasma Ye Bang plate design of wear resistance, long service life, convenient maintenance, reliable and stable.

3, finished product warehouse and two hybrid system

Finished goods warehouse and secondary mixed eliminates the fiber, poor liquidity, grain and appear easily knot bridge phenomenon.

This system has realized the rapid and continuous discharging, of the special raw material and finished product storehouse gas floating device can smooth out the material.

4, environmental accurate packaging systems and the technology of bulk

According to the varieties of products, the company provides valve pocket, open the pocket.

20 to 50 kg packaging range, meet the requirements of different projects.

Through the control system, operators need to bag set into the valve port, other work can be done automatically.

Packaged products through the belt conveyor transmission to pallet storage, warehouse work done by forklift products.

Accurate weighing, high packaging quality.

5, intelligent computer batching system

LCPLC computer intelligent control system.

The system has a bit precision correction software maintenance convenient, color CRT display section equipment process flow diagram, with double storehouse feed at the same time to shorten time, formulation ingredients management real-time, formulation ingredients statements, print production, raw material consumption reports, statistics and its class day, week, meadow, in quantitative management reports, etc.

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