Annual Output Of 300000 Tons Of Dry Mortar Production Line

Annual Output Of 300000 Tons Of Dry Mortar Production Line
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Annual output of 300000 tons of dry mortar production line is I the development of the company in 2014, mixing console with double power input, with synchronous connecting rod, to ensure that the strong power and prevent the weightless mixer blade dislocation fight, the phenomena of more traditional two-axis by chain transmission control two-axis further enhance mixing principle, total volume 8 m3, single batch mixing amount of 6 tons.

Lifting equipment chosen amount is bigger and better stability of plate chain hoist.

Rotary talkative packaging machine for the first time applied to dry mortar mixing plant, successfully solves the traditional packing machine speed slow and difficult problem to improve their yield.


Annual output of 300000 tons of ready-mixed mortar production line is the raw material (cement, fly ash, thickening powder, quartz powder or sand) by pneumatic conveying) (tank trucks and bucket elevator to large storage bin respectively, through computer batching, transportation, mixing, finished product packaging, transportation process, applicable to the production of various kinds of ordinary mortar and special mortar.

Dry mortar equipment adopts steel structure, its structure is compact, short build period, high degree of automation, investment, quick effect, after the long running production, the device can achieve the technology to product yearly produces 300000 tons of dry mortar production line is mainly composed of efficient hybrid system, the loading system, transmission system, lift system, weighing system, mixing system, packaging systems, dust removal system, material level control system, alarm system, air compressor system, the machine control system.

Regional goods mortar is scarce, can do a broken system, screening system and drying system.


This production line has the following features:

1, mixing console using biaxial zero gravity paddle mixer, mixing precision and efficiency of double insurance;

2, current mixing building control technology is adopted in the system, on the basis of fully considering the production practice, the introduction of AI technology, greatly improve the stability and reliability of the control system of the host.

Operating system with multitasking operating interface, the situation of production data in the database storage, may at the same time for more than 30 kinds of storage technology formula, the other have fault self-diagnosis system and the recovery function, convenient management.

3, mixing the building structure, use the pin connection type, the whole purpose is to improve the mixing floor stiffness and stability, simplify the installation work, shorten the installation period, a greater extent reduce the on-site installation and relocation costs.

Lord before production platform, weighing platform framework structure have been assembling, to ensure the success of the site a link.

4, ingredients using high-precision sensor output signal, weighing the intelligent weighing technology, high precision and reliability completely satisfies the requirement of industry SC/T242-1999 standard.

5, outsourcing parts strictly follow industry high standards, matching on adopt market popularity, have rich practical experience and a higher ratio of well-known manufacturers of products.

6, environmental protection is more reasonable, power house roof using filter electronic dust removal, dust suppression effect is good.

Main stirring device equipped with cash pulse dust collector, filter area increased 30%, dust removal effect is more secure.

7, power house, finished product warehouse in accordance with the actual equipment, vibration pump, pneumatic hammer arch breaker such as high efficiency, to ensure that the material conveying good liquidity.

8, guarantee safe, care.

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Working principle of the annual output of 300000 tons of dry mortar production line:

1, bulk cement and fly ash into the pot does not need to increase equipment, through the pump truck into the jar.

2, dry sand and finished product need to use the bucket elevator into the bucket, clever material distribution system to support a bucket elevator distribution operation, to avoid the waste of resources.

3, measurement system in the measurement with the cooperation of the spiral, the input of raw materials in the bunker measuring pocket, through the feedback sensor data, can realize accurate measurement raw materials.

After 4, measurement of material through the screw conveyor to dry powder mixing machine department to mix in the bin.

To mix warehouse open the door for large pneumatic type, can be quickly put to mix material in dry mortar mixer, realizing continuous dry mortar production.

The product line is suitable for dry mortar, dry mortar, insulation mortar, ready-mixed mortar admixture, jointing agent, interface agent, putty powder, chemical powder stirring, mixing, metering, etc.

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