Automatic Insulation Mortar Equipment

Automatic Insulation Mortar Equipment
Product Details

The automatic insulation mortar equipment mainly consists of hoist, premix (optional), small silo, mixer, finished warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet and gas phase balance system.

The two-axis non-gravity mixer is used to avoid the original state of the material, ensuring that the insulation coefficient of mortar is not reduced by the shape of the insulation material, ensuring the thermal insulation effect of the product.


My company r &d and production of fully automatic production line of insulation mortar, under normal circumstances would use the 4-6 raw material tank, two large tank used for loading bulk cement and fly ash, the rest of the small cans for put light calcium, coarse whiting, sand, small material, etc.

Bulk cement and fly ash can not be used for lifting equipment.

Light calcium, heavy calcium, sand and small materials need to be put into small cans using bucket elevator, and the smart material distribution system supports a bucket elevator assignment, thus avoiding waste of resources.

The metering system, with the coordination of the measurement spiral, imports the raw materials in the hopper into the measurement warehouse, and realizes the measurement of raw materials through the data feedback of the sensor.

After measuring the good material, the screw conveyor is used to guide the main bucket elevator to the mixing chamber of the mixer.

To be a pneumatic large open door, we can quickly put the mixed materials into a non-gravity mixer to achieve continuous production of heat preservation mortar.


This kind of automatic ingredient insulation mortar production line design is simple, small area, small investment, quick results, continuous production, high output.

The two - axis blades are used for high efficiency mixing machine without destroying the original state of the material, ensuring that the insulation coefficient of mortar is not reduced by the shape of the insulation material, ensuring the thermal insulation effect of the product.

Suitable for medium and small scale manufacturer's production, automatic packaging system, show its superiority.


The automatic insulation mortar production line produced by our company has the following characteristics:


1. Precise metering system


Measuring ingredients are many ways, including performance * good is screw conveyor, the reason is that it applies to all the materials in the slurry, USES frequency conversion control, wear-resisting material, horizontal layout, high precision, long service life.


2. Efficient mixing system


The mixer is a key part of the production of mortar materials and is the "heart" of the whole production line.

Our mixer is a heavy duty mixer combined with foreign technology for dry mortar service, with the following performance.


(1) mix evenly over 99% and 3-5 minutes.


(2) through scientific agitation principle and unique structure design, the unit energy consumption is greatly reduced on the basis of high efficiency and fast mixing accuracy.

(especially applicable to the mixing of insulating mortar of organic colloidal particles and inorganic vitrified microspheres)


(3) the special flying knife system can rapidly disperse the fiber.


(4) the machine adopts airtight seal, the pneumatic door is open, the unique door of the discharging device and the plate of the paddle board are designed for wear and tear, the service life is too long, the maintenance is convenient and reliable and stable.


3. Finished product warehouse and secondary mixing system


The finished product warehouse and the secondary mixing eliminate the fiber, the fluidity, the grain material appearance easy to tie the bridge and adhesion phenomenon.

The system is fast and continuous, and it can be used for the special raw materials and the gas float device.


4. Environmentally accurate packaging system and bulk technology


According to the product variety, our company provides the valve port type and the open type packing machine.

Packing range of 20-50kg/bag can meet the packing requirements of different products.

By controlling the system, the operator simply sets the package into the valve port, and the other work can be completed automatically.

Accurate weighing and high packing quality.

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