Binder Type Coal Production Line

Binder Type Coal Production Line
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Xingmei adhesives (also known as binder type coal, coal type adhesive type, composite binder, etc.) is the powder of fuels such as coal powder adhesive (knot), consolidate together, harmonic agent for molding into pieces;

After molding to ensure that the type coal with a certain shape and properties of powder or liquid type coal auxiliary raw material;

Type is mainly used in coal processing technology play a supporting role.

Xingmei adhesives are key determinants of type coal quality auxiliary materials.

I company will *, developed and produced by new type adhesive production line is a variety of raw materials according to the proportion of coal in turn into the hopper, absorb the advanced design concept, using tower layout of tank, management system into * new module management technology, man-machine dialogue function and greatly improve degree of automation.

According to different configuration.

This production line is mainly composed of raw material storage system, weighing system, transmission system, mixing system, gas phase equilibrium system and packing system and dust collection system.

Main control system on the basis of the selected process recipe production instructions, the system automatically according to the ratio of extract raw materials from the storage bin, raw material after weight in turn into to be mixed storehouse and zero gravity efficient mixing machine, achieve rapid mixing (3-5 minutes), after reaching mixed accuracy requirement, finished slurry is transported to have secondary mixing function of the finished product storehouse, into the automatic filling process, a new design of automatic packing machine timing quantitative filling operation, in accordance with requirements greatly improve the efficiency of production, packaged products are sent to the finished product area piled up, waiting for the factory.

Has the characteristics of automation and continuity, high output, fully meet the demand of the market.

Binder type coal production line low investment, high yield, is the type of coal enterprise production * ideal is also common in a way.

The characteristics of the binder type coal production line

1, the production process simple and fluent, low energy consumption, less consumption, lower production cost.

2, the set of production line can long-term continuous production, equipment safety, reliable, long service life.

3, production lines, high automation, less of choose and employ persons, which can realize modernization mass production.

Automatic type coal production line control system for you to save more than 80% of the human cost.

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