Diatom Ooze Production Line

Diatom Ooze Production Line
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Diatom ooze production line

MG diatom ooze line absorb the advanced design concept, using tower layout of tank, the new management system into modular management technology, man-machine dialogue function and greatly improve degree of automation.

According to the different configuration, the production line production up to 3-100000 tons per year.

This production line is mainly composed of raw material storage system, weighing system, transmission system, mixing system, gas phase equilibrium system and packing system and dust collection system.

Main control system on the basis of the selected process recipe production instructions, the system automatically according to the ratio of extract raw materials from the storage bin, raw material after weight in turn into to be mixed storehouse and zero gravity efficient mixing machine, achieve rapid mixing (3-5 minutes).

After reaching mixed accuracy requirement, finished product mortar was to have secondary mixing function of the finished product storehouse, into the automatic filling process, a new design of automatic packing machine timing quantitative filling operations as required, greatly improve the efficiency of production, packaged products are sent to the finished product area piled up, waiting for the factory.

The classification of diatom ooze line points: diatom ooze production line is mainly divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic two kinds.

Semi-automatic type is mainly composed of zero gravity mixing machine (with fly knife), closing, finished product bin, packaging machine, bucket elevator, for mixing silo, filter, air compressor system, control system, etc.

The product line is high yield, good working environment, can expand sex good, suitable for most investors choose and buy.

Automatic type is mainly composed of efficient hybrid system, the loading system, transmission system, lift system, weighing system, mixing system, packaging systems, dust removal system, material level control system, alarm system, air compressor system, the machine control system.

According to need to do another crushing system and drying system.

The equipment is high intelligent degree, simple man-machine dialogue, while improve efficacy, unit energy consumption and labor costs significantly reduced.

For more than medium-sized enterprises production.

The line is recommended based good large and medium-sized cities built in the wall heat preservation.

Diatom ooze production line of complete sets of configuration:

Annual output of twenty thousand tons of diatom ooze production line, usually use 3-6 raw material tank, two of the big cans for bulk cement and fly ash, the rest of the small cans for put light calcium, coarse whiting, sand, small material, etc.

Bulk cement and fly ash into the pot does not need to increase equipment, rely on the car into the pump.

Bulk generally fly ash storehouse to the drum support structure, the upper dust removal equipment, prevent dust leakage and lower arch breaker is equipped with, prevent powder agglomeration, make the powder discharge smoothly, and is equipped with material level sensor equipment, may at any time use of warehouse material inside.

Light calcium, coarse whiting, sand, small material need to use the bucket elevator into the canister, clever material distribution system to support a bucket elevator distribution operation, to avoid the waste of resources.

Metering system in the measurement with the cooperation of the spiral, the input of raw materials in the bunker measuring pocket, through the feedback sensor data, implement raw material metering.

After measurement of material, through screw conveyor guide into the bucket machine, ascend to the mixing machine to mix in the bin.

To mix warehouse open the door for large pneumatic type, can be quickly put to mix the material in zero gravity mixing machine, realization of diatom ooze continuous production.

Inside the mixer mixing finished by pneumatic quick open the door, quickly into the finished product to buffer, storage bin.

Finished product bin and connection through the soft packing machine into the packaging machine measurement, packaging.

Production big user, can add a belt conveyor in the packaging machine at the back of the process, directly to the finished product to the finished product area or truck

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