Dry Mixing Mortar Production Line

Dry Mixing Mortar Production Line
Product Details

It is designed, manufactured and installed by hengyan machinery to produce 100,000-ton automatic dry mixing mortar production line.

The production line is composed of sand drying system and premixed mortar mixing system.

Main includes: sand drying system

The production line is composed of sand drying system and premixed mortar mixing system.

Mainly include: the sand drying system, screening conveying system, raw material storage system and efficient hybrid system, automatic batching system, pneumatic balance system, dust removal system, bag packaging, bulk tanker professional packaging system, and PLC automatic control system, etc.

The production line has the following excellent performance:

1. The supporting drying equipment adopts the new type of European 3-return high efficiency drying machine, which will greatly reduce the energy consumption of the unit and realize the green and energy-saving production, while effectively improving the unit capacity and the utilization rate of the site.

2. Based on the need of equipment operation, the sand sieve subsystem is divided into two stages: bottom coarse sieve and top fine sieve.

The fine sieve is carefully placed on top of the finished sand bin, and the finished dry sand is separated into different sand bin according to the size of grain size, so as to prepare for production.

The design not only improves the rationality and scientificity of the equipment operation, but also improves the utilization rate of the land.

Third, in terms of ingredients, the set of equipment to abandon traditional ingredients mode on the ground, using the model layout at the top of the tower ingredients, sharply reduce the ratio of the material delivery time, improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost of materials.

4. The mixing system adopts 4 cubic high capacity and no gravity double-axis high efficiency mixer. The mixing time is short, the mixing precision is high, and the mixing rate is 3 to 5 minutes.

At the same time, make sure the finished mortar is not in danger.

Five, the set of equipment on the basis of the conventional automatic packing machine, also equipped with high efficient bulk loading machine, the system can on tank trucks under 4 meters and automatic bulk operations, the use of large quantities of bulk cement mortar meet site requirements.

The whole set of equipment is controlled by PLC automatic control system, and its automation management level has reached the advanced level in China.

This production line has the following characteristics:

1. The mixing machine adopts the WZ series two-axis non-gravity blade mixer, which is manufactured by a well-known enterprise, and realizes the mixing precision and efficiency double insurance.

2, current mixing building control technology is adopted in the system, on the basis of fully considering the domestic production, introduction of AI technology, greatly improve the stability and reliability of the control system of the host.

Operating system with multitasking operating interface, the situation of production data in the database storage, may at the same time for more than 30 kinds of storage technology formula, the other have fault self-diagnosis system and the recovery function, convenient management.

3, mixing the building structure, use the pin connection type, the whole purpose is to improve the mixing floor stiffness and stability, simplify the installation work, shorten the installation period, a greater degree to reduce the on site installation and relocation costs.

Before the production of the main platform, the platform and other frame structures are pre-assembled to ensure a successful connection.

4. The ingredients use high-precision sensor output signal, weighing and adopting intelligent weighing technology, high precision and reliability, which fully meets the industry SC/t242-1999 standard requirements.

5. The external components strictly adhere to the industry high grade standard, the selection and matching are all adopted by the market name, and rich in practical experience and high cost effective products.

6. The environmental protection is more reasonable, the powder bin is used to remove dust from the filter core, and the dust suppression effect is good.

The main mixing equipment is equipped with cash pulse dust remover, and the filter area can be improved by 30%, and the dust removal effect is more guaranteed.

7. The powder bin, the finished warehouse shall be equipped with the effective broken arch devices such as vibrating pump and air hammer to ensure the good flow of materials.

8. The quality is secure, the care is constant.

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