Energy-saving Dry Powder Mortar Production Line

Energy-saving Dry Powder Mortar Production Line
Product Details

This series of mixer, cover an area of an area small, easy operation, simple maintenance and high evenness, low residue, good sealing, no vibration, small dust, and is suitable for exterior thermal insulation mortar, anti-crack mortar, adhesive plaster mortar, mortar, self-leveling mortar, mortar filling agent,

Semi-automatic (energy-saving) production line is a variety of raw materials according to the proportion, in turn, put into the hopper, under the effect of control system, the equipment to realize automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, automatic mixing, automatic quantitative filling.

The production line occupies an area of 30m squared and is 6 meters high, with 5-6 tons of production and 3-5 employees. The production line has a moderate investment and quick results, which is an ideal choice for investment and development.

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