Low-build Dry Mortar Equipment

Low-build Dry Mortar Equipment
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Product introduction

Automatic dry mortar equipment absorbs the advanced design concept of Europe, the tank adopts tower layout, the management system is embedded with the latest modular management technology, and the man-machine conversation function and automation degree are greatly improved. According to different configurations, the equipment output can reach 3-10 tons per year.

The equipment is mainly composed of raw material storage system, batching weighing system, conveying system, mixing system, gas phase balance system, packaging system and dust removal system. The main control system based on the selected formula production orders issued, the system automatically from the storage bin in the extraction of raw materials according to the ratio of raw materials to be mixed after the balance in order to enter the warehouse and no gravity efficient mixing machine, fast mixing operation. To mix the precision requirements, the finished mortar is conveyed to have two mixing function into the warehouse, automatic filling process, automatic packaging machine is the latest design of timing and quantitative filling operation according to the requirements, greatly improve the production efficiency, good product packaging is sent to the finished goods piled up, waiting for the factory.

The working principle of equipment is relatively rotating spindle drives the blade rotation, the material according to a certain angle into the space level, the particles in the space flow layer due to sudden weight loss, centrifugal force and gravity offset (weight loss difference of material density states to mix evenly mixed with each other, mutual influence) within the region, a fluidization the weight loss region is formed in the middle layer, formed around the spindle rotating vortex. The bottom forms a material translation flow layer, and the material moves along the shaft and the axis at the bottom. Under the dual driving of radial force and axial force, the material presents a three-dimensional compound motion, thus forming a comprehensive composite circulation, and rapidly achieving the purpose of uniform mixing. In the mixing machine, the finished product is quickly opened and opened to store and store by pneumatic quick opening door. The product silo and the packer pass into the packer to measure and pack through the soft connection. Users with large production capacity can add belt conveyors at the back of the packer to deliver the finished products directly to the finished product area or truck.

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