Sandi Fully Mechanized Construction System

Sandi Fully Mechanized Construction System
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Sandi green building concept

Fully mechanized green building spraying construction system



Sandi fully mechanized construction

Using sandi spray to build the wall of the wall, no use of the template, the light steel keel site will be assembled quickly, so that the construction personnel will be reduced, the construction efficiency will be improved, and the project progress will be speeded up.

A system can be operated only 3-5 people, and can be 200 square meters per day.

Waste of materials is extremely low and the amount of waste is very little.

Traditional manual construction

With the increase of labor cost, as the labor cost increases, it will carry the block class and the slabs

The cost of building materials also increases correspondingly, and produces a large amount of construction garbage, which occurs repeatedly.


Construction system flow of fully mechanized green building


Vertical transmission equipment


Sp-70 spraying equipment

Large displacement mortar spraying machinery;

It has the function of pumping, bonding and spraying.

Suitable for all kinds of different characteristics, different use of pre-mixed mortar construction;

Modular structure, easy to remove and easy to move;

Have the choice control function, achieve different pressure, displacement and spraying speed;

Equipped with pressure protection device to meet the need of remote control operation.



Sj-60 mixing equipment



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