Slurry Production Line

Slurry Production Line
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With the rapid development of economy, construction of the bridge has been rise, prestressed pipe pressure slurry, more attention gradually because of the prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete structure, compared with good crack resistance, stiffness big, save material, structure, the advantages of safety, quality and reliable gradually been applied to various large buildings, in many engineering prestressed concrete structures can be instead of steel structure, the prestressed concrete Bridges at home and abroad get rapid development.

As a result, the use frequency of slurry production equipment is more and more widespread.


Pressure paste is a dedicated to method of post-tensioned prestressed pipe grouting construction products (hole) by a variety of high quality cement base material and the optimized distribution of high performance admixture, excellent liquidity, stable slurry, filling degree of good, adjustable setting time, no shrinkage, micro expansion, high strength, do not contain harmful to the steel material, etc.

Pressure slurry is applied to all kinds of railway and highway after tensioning prestressed bridge tunnel grouting prestressed structure, large hole grouting, all kinds of concrete structure seepage of joint grouting and curtain grouting, anchor grouting, and gaps to fill or repair, etc.


The pressure paste production line absorbs the advanced European design concept, the tank adopts the tower layout, the management system implanting the latest module management technology, the man-machine dialogue function and the degree of automation greatly ascend.

Depending on the configuration, the output of this production line can reach 3 to 100 thousand tons.

This production line is mainly composed of raw material storage system, bearing system, transmission system, mixing system, gas phase equilibrium system and packing system and dust collection system, main control system on the basis of the selected process recipe production instructions, the system automatically according to the ratio of extract raw materials from the storage bin, raw material after weight in turn into to be mixed storehouse and zero gravity efficient mixing machine, achieve rapid mixing (3-5 minutes).

After reaching mixed accuracy requirement, finished product mortar be transported to the finished product warehouse with secondary mixed functions, into the automatic filling process, the automatic packing machine according to the requirements of the latest design timing quantitative filling operation, greatly improve the efficiency of production, packaged products are sent to the finished product area piled up, waiting for the factory.

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