Special Mortar Production Line

Special Mortar Production Line
Product Details

Special mortar is a high strength material as aggregate to cement as binder, with high flow, micro expansion, made from materials such as anti segregation.

It joined a certain amount of water in the construction site, use after stir well.

Special mortar has good artesian, rapid hardening, early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, micro expansion;

Nontoxic and harmless, not aging, on the water quality and the surrounding environment pollution-free, good tightness, rust etc.

In construction has reliable quality, reduce cost, shorten the construction period and convenient use.

Force situation fundamentally change equipment base, and make it evenly carry the full load of the equipment, to meet all kinds of machinery, heavy equipment installation requirements, is the ideal of the pad installation times mortar materials.

Special mortar production line, is my company independent research and development for the production of slurry grouting material, prestressed pipe pressure, special powder coating of ultrafine powder materials such as combination of special equipment.

Mainly used for production diameter less than 300 purpose aggregate mortar.

In view of the special mortar aggregate for superfine powder, good fluidity, small dose of additives is more, weighing precision higher characteristic, a new design to improve the equipment sealing performance, strengthen the dust removal system, dust removing effect configuration preciseness sensor and control meter to ensure material in the ratio of the accuracy and stability of the link of weighing, packaging and so on.

Optimized additive weighing system, wider extent reduce the additive in proportion to the mixing machine after weighing batching scale residual material.

A complete set of production line consists of raw material storage tank, automatic metering system, screw conveyor, aggregate additives automatic metering system, bucket elevator, premixed warehouse, no gravity mixing machine, finished product warehouse, automatic packaging machine, dust removal system, steel platform, control system, etc.

Aggregate and additives weighing system independently, more accurate measurement, ingredients more quickly.

Then up to the biaxial zero gravity efficient mixing machine mixing, mixing finished second falling into a finished product storehouse stirring to prevent movement of the finished product of segregation or congestion.

At last, through the special mortar store special packaging machine for packaging.

This set of equipment automation degree is high, save manpower, and good performance, easy operation and high efficiency.

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