Vertical-build Dry Mortar Plant

Vertical-build Dry Mortar Plant
Product Details

Mixing console with double power input with synchronous connecting rod, to ensure that the strong power and prevent the weightless mixer blade dislocation fight, the phenomena of more traditional two-axis by chain transmission control two-axis mixing principle of further ascension, total volume 8 m3, single batch mixing amount of 6 tons.

The lifting equipment is used to enhance the larger and more stable plate chain hoist.

Rotary multi-mouth packaging machine is also used for the first time in dry powder and mortar mixing station, which successfully solves the problem that the packaging speed of traditional packaging machine is slow and production is difficult to improve.

Working principle:

The raw materials (cement, fly ash, thickening powder, quartz powder or sand) by pneumatic conveying) (tank trucks and bucket elevator to large storage bin respectively, through computer batching, transportation, mixing, finished product packaging, transportation process, applicable to the production of various kinds of ordinary mortar and special mortar.

Dry mortar equipment adopts steel structure, its structure is compact, short build period, high degree of automation, investment, quick effect, after the long running production, the device can achieve the technology to product yearly produces 300000 tons of dry mortar station is mainly composed of efficient hybrid system, the loading system, transmission system, lift system, weighing system, mixing system, packaging systems, dust removal system, material level control system, alarm system, air compressor system, the machine control system.

In the area of shortage of commodity mortar, the crushing system, screening system and drying system can be added.

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