Cement Based Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive

Cement Based Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive
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Cement Based Decorative Ceramic Wall Tile Adhesive


1. Has strong cohesion force. Reduce the common phenomenon of tiles detaching and peeling when pasted by Portland cement.


2. Be premixed and produced, the product is stable, water and used, to protect the construction environment.


3. Has strong water retention, no need to dip tiles and wet walls, thin construction, easy operation, to reduce material consumption and building load.


4. Has good flexibility to resist effectively the destruction of various stresses.


5. Has special formula to avoid completely the common phenomenon of tiles cracking, detaching and peeling by Portland cement.


6. It is no-toxic, no-radiation, no smell and environmental.


7. Has special formula to prevent the flow with too much southbound crash, easier construction.



It is used to fix porcelain tiles, marbles, natural granites, natural stones, travertine,pool tiles and pieces, and non-slip tiles of middle sized (up to 60x60cm size for the wall and any size for the floor).

suitable to bond the following types of tile:
A):Ceramic, extruded and earthenware tiles
B): Low absorption ceramic tiles, which have poor adhesion to traditional tile
C):Concrete and mortar
D): Bricks
E):Plaster (with primer)
F):Plasterboard, fibre cement
G):Existing tiled substrates



1.Use 3*3mm notched trowel,approx.1.5-1.8kg/m2

2.Use 6*6mm notched trowel,approx.2.8-3.0kg/m2

(The above dosage are recommened for the even substrate)


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