Masonry Mortar For AAC Block

Masonry Mortar For AAC Block
Product Details

Masonry Mortar for AAC Block


- High flow - Good workability

- High compressive strength

- Good bond strength

- Water retention

- no crack, weather resisting.


Compressive strength:   > 7.0 N/mm2

Bonding strength      : > 0.5 N/mm2                 

Flow                        : > 185 mm  

Processing/working time: Approx. 4 hours at 20°C      

Processing temperature: > + 5 °C. And < + 50°C    

Water required: Water/Masonry Mortar = 20-25%

Quantity required: 5 kg/m2 (3-5mm)

Storage: store appropriately in dry conditions

Packaging: 40kg/bag

Colours:  Grey

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