premixed mortar production line

premixed mortar production line
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Premixed mortar production line is with a small footprint, reasonable structure, simple operation, high production efficiency, no dust, power and other reasonable characteristics. Equipment investment is generally between 10-35 million, the general output of up to 5-15 tons per hour. Operating workers 3-5, the height of 6-10 meters between the equipment, covers an area of 20-30 square meters.The host adopts gravityless mixer, which is developed on the basis of the technical essence of the new generation of new models. It has the functions of automatic feeding, pneumatic discharge, no barrels, no dead ends.

working principle:

The finished sand is lifted by the bucket elevator into the storage bin. Powder from the bulk tankers into their own silos, additives and other bags of materials by the additive lifting device upgrade, by the manual added to the respective silo. Silo, powder silo, additives warehouse in the material, through the screw conveyor in turn into the respective measurement bucket, the cumulative measurement. When the various materials metering, start the screw conveyor, the various materials at the same time unloading the bucket machine, the lifting into the middle storage hopper; in the middle of the middle storage hopper when the mixture directly into the mixer for mixing, A certain time, stirring a good product from the mixer unloading mouth discharge, stored in the finished product through the bucket, the packaging machine packaging, or by the screw conveyor and bucket machine into the finished product warehouse to complete a work cycle.

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Our company has first-class mechanical design engineers, high-level management personnel, well-trained workers and sophisticated mechanical processing and testing equipment, production of each equipment and parts are scientific design, elaborate, rigorous testing. Ahead of the technology from the long-term unremitting efforts to develop, develop innovative technology and absorb advanced experience at home and abroad, ahead of the leading high-tech-based, to create a number of new products, production scale, sales continue to rise. To high-quality, reasonable price, excellent after-sales service, products are sold around the world.

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