Professional Design Dry Mortar Mix Plant

Professional Design Dry Mortar Mix Plant
Product Details

 Dry Mortar Mix Plant arranged around the main building, the structure is simple, suitable for the production of ordinary products in the project less ordinary mortar production, mortar species in bulk based, structural form similar to commercial mixing plant, the investment center.

01.drying system

Double return domestic unique drying drum, the discharge temperature are less than 65, the moisture content is less than 0.5%; the intelligent detection of the unique online early warning system, fault prompt functions, user-friendly control interface.

02.Dust removal system

Unique container integrated (gravity + bag) dust collector, intelligent control pulse cleaning. The environmental emissions (20mg/Nm < fand).

03.sieving system

High efficiency, stable probability sieve, efficiency up to 85%, quick repair cover, screen mesh self-cleaning system, maintenance free.

04.metering system

Accurate, stable and reliable, using unique frequency feeding technology, so that the measurement accuracy is higher, better than the line mark.

05.Mixer host

The ploughshare advanced mixing mechanism and core patented technology, unique frequency mixing technology, high efficiency and energy saving, reduce 25%, mixed ratio up to 1:10000, high wear resistance, high life.

06.All environmental protection type bulk dust removing system

Unique bulk unloading and dust separation control, so that dust removal effect is better, the industry's best.

07.Packaging system

Has experience in the design of complete sets of automatic packaging palletizing packaging production line to meet the needs of users of large special mortar production; equipped with air valve type valve packing machine, impeller type valve port packaging machine and tons of bag packing machine, packaging to meet the different needs of mortar.

08.Bulk system

The unique bulk system of the south road machine solves the environmental protection problems on the spot, and can effectively prevent the segregation of the finished mortar during loading;

09.intelligent control system

Independent research and development of dual computer synchronous production management and control system, never stop, fault warning patents, security, reliability, reporting, classification, summary, query function, cloud data can be checked.

10.Demand customization

Centralized system of all environmental cleaning chemical plant

Automatic stacking system

Non-standard requirement customization of special mortar production line

11.Product service

Real time and quick

Remote monitoring

Cloud data acquisition diagnostic services

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