Basic Composition Of Dry Mortar Equipment Before Mixing System

The basic composition of dry mortar equipment mixing system is divided into: sand drying, screening, transmission system, a variety of powder material warehousing system, batching metering system, mixing mixing system, packaging system, electronic control system and auxiliary equipment.

In the use of the process, to ensure that the finished mortar moisture is the key to ensure the quality of dry mortar, in order to accurately control the drum speed of the dry sand machine, the aggregate moisture content must be measured. Measuring instrument for moisture content of sand in China 80 The last century has entered the development of resistance, neutron-type measurement methods, but not reliable application, the automatic display measuring system is the 90 high-tech technology in the last century, its principle is that the water has the high absorption capacity of microwave, different water content sand absorption degree is not the same, through the microwave energy field changes, measuring the material humidity percentage. Due to the different sizes and impurities of various materials, the measurement and correction are needed. The microwave automatic humidity measuring system is installed on the sand silo wall, the automatic display detecting system can show the instantaneous humidity of the flowing material, and the average of the flowing material in a period of time.

The main ingredient of preparing dry powder mortar is sand, which occupies about 70%% of the total amount of mortar. And the sand used is dense and inert materials, the particles themselves do not have gaps, so the sand contains water is surface water, but because of the sand than the surface of the formation of a large number of capillary, so its moisture content can reach 0% a 12%, the scope of water change. and the moisture content of sand used for dry mortar can only be controlled between 0.2% and 0.5%, and must be stored in sealed containers, otherwise it will severely affect the storage time of dried dry powder mortar, and the raw sand that is purchased in the market must be measured, dried, screened and transported in sand.