Construction Waste Recycling A Major Industrial Power Mission

Perhaps one day in a certain day, people living in the world, such as Hollywood movies often appear horror scene in general: you stand in a high-rise building to open the window, construction waste impressively in your eyes "grinning", and Trying to swallow you, that scene is chilling.

Of course, this is an exaggeration to say, but now hundreds of millions of construction waste than the "end of the world" even more worrying. Sadly, this disaster is still a long time; more sadly, the whole society on the understanding of construction waste is not enough.

The so-called "construction waste" refers to the people in the demolition, construction, decoration, repair and other construction industry in the production of waste, waste concrete, waste masonry and other waste collectively. You may not know these - the number of construction waste in our country has accounted for 30% to 40% of the total municipal waste. To 500 ~ 600 tons / million square meters of standard projections, in 2020 China will also increase the construction area of about 30 billion square meters, resulting in construction waste 13.4 billion tons, if the simple stack will cover an area of 335 million mu.

You may not know these - the removal and stacking of construction waste, will cause serious air, soil, water and other environmental pollution, serious damage to the ecological environment. This is a huge source of pollution, of course, is also a huge source of carbon emissions.

Restore the construction of garbage "ugly" character, we obviously can not sit still, but can not let the construction of garbage to drown us.

As a result, "construction waste recycling" is gradually surfaced, on its concept and application of the discussion is also increasingly enthusiastic.

If the construction in front of the article will produce 13.4 billion tons of construction waste in 2020, for example, these construction waste can be converted into ecological building materials, can create 1 trillion yuan value. In particular, construction waste by sorting, crushing, screening processing, most of the recycled aggregate resources can be used as a re-use. Even we can describe, "the construction waste is equivalent to the annual savings of at least one city of the total building!

Looking at the world, in the construction waste recycling technology, the international developed countries, the current maximum utilization rate of 95%, although China is currently in this area has been a huge breakthrough, and ultimately up to 100%. But at the same time should also see that the international developed countries in the application of garbage resources has reached 90%, while China's construction waste recycling applications on average only about 5%.

We must admit that China's industrial waste construction industry is still in the embryonic stage. Although there are still some gaps in the application of construction waste resources compared with foreign countries, we can still be confident that the current construction waste treatment technology in China has been at the international advanced level, and the existing processing technology can support the construction waste The development of resource industrialization. Times remind us that the promotion of new technologies, new industries without delay, or sustainable development will encounter serious obstacles.