Construction Waste Recycling Is Of Great Significance

In the face of the current "building garbage siege" situation, people have begun to realize the harm of construction waste, the reporter in the interview process, also heard the industry experts called for: China's construction waste resource disposal must be carried out.

Why is the waste disposal of building waste getting louder and louder? What is the significance of building waste recycling?

The effective disposal of construction waste is beneficial to protect environment

In the process of piling up and burying, waste water will be leached because of the leaching and erosion of fermentation and rainwater, as well as the immersion of surface water and ground water, which will cause serious pollution of surface water and groundwater. And after long-term exposure to the sun and rain, the harmful substances in the garbage percolate through the leachate into the soil, resulting in soil pollution, thereby reducing soil quality. What is more, the construction waste in the stacking process, the temperature and moisture under the effect of some organic substances will decompose harmful gases, the emission of harmful gases in air to air pollution, a small amount of combustible construction waste will produce carcinogenic toxic substances in the incineration process, cause two pollution of air.

At present, the solution to these problems is to effectively dispose of construction waste. Effective disposal of construction waste can not only avoid soil pollution, water sources and harmful gases, but also save landfill space. Reporters access to information learned that 1t can re biological nearly save 0.6m2 landfill space.

The effective disposal of construction waste is beneficial to save resources

According to the international unified calculation method, the land occupied by every ten thousand tons of construction waste is 1 mu, and because of the low utilization rate of construction waste in our country, a lot of landfill measures are taken. According to relevant departments statistics, in recent years, the annual construction waste landfill occupies more than 70 thousand acres of land, which greatly depleted the original tense land resources.

Open pile of construction waste will occupy a lot of land resources, but the recycling of construction waste can greatly release due to garbage occupied land, is conducive to the protection of arable land and improve land use efficiency.

The recycling of construction waste means the reuse of energy, metal, wood and so on, which is beneficial to energy conservation and forest resources protection.

Construction waste disposal industry can be developed into a new economic growth point

The development of construction waste treatment industry conforms to the requirements of changing the mode of economic development. After the formation of the industry chain, the industry can effectively promote the demand and development of many industries.

As the construction waste treatment industry has not yet started, it will have broad prospects for growth, and can play a role in stimulating economic growth. The construction waste treatment industry is also an energy-saving and environmental protection industry in strategic emerging industries, which is conducive to the development of China's strategic emerging industries.

More recycling of construction waste, create new industries both in the environment and the use of resources can promote, through the expansion of construction waste treatment industry chain, can provide more jobs for people to share the social pressure.