How Should We Maintain Dry Mix Mortar Production Line In The Daily ?

1. The dry and mixed mortar production line surface and the body clean up

Dry mix mortar production line compared to other production equipment, the production environment is not very good. We all know that mortar is a kind of adhesive material, the production process accidentally dropped into the dry powder mortar production line body, it is easy to condense into the block affect the dry powder mortar production line beautiful, and even become foreign matter, obstacles, affecting production. So we meet this situation we have to clean up in time to avoid dry powder mortar condensed into pieces. If the dry powder mortar production line body is really condensed into pieces of mortar, you can use a number of gray shovel and other related tools to remove it.

2. The production process to check the mixer transmission gear, motor, reducer sound is abnormal.

3.After the end of the work to clean the inner wall of the mixer.

4.Check the various parts

Dry mortar production line contains a lot of stand-alone equipment, including a variety of parts used in a wide range of bearings, the production of long pumping easy to wear. Regular maintenance is very important, the maintenance method is very simple, that is, in the dry powder mortar production line bearing part of the filling lubricant.

5.Each time before the boot, stirrer inside the water idle one to two minutes to observe the performance of various components.

First, we must first ensure that the sections of the machine's high precision, high efficiency and low cost, which is consumers to buy dry powder mortar equipment, the basic requirements. Manufacturers pay more attention to powder dry powder mortar equipment, granular dry powder mortar equipment and other related equipment packaging accuracy, the error will be reduced to a minimum. At the same time, but also did not forget to improve the efficiency of equipment and reduce packaging costs, all for consumers to consider!

Second, try to improve the flexibility of dry mortar equipment. Modern enterprises need not only stand-alone equipment, more complete sets of production line equipment, with a variety of production lines with a flexible powder mortar equipment is the top grade equipment!

Third, safe, environmentally friendly. Safety first, consumers buy all kinds of goods first need to ensure that the safety of goods, dry mortar equipment is safe and reliable operation of this concern the interests of consumers. Environmental protection is the pursuit of a major theme of today's society, environmental protection is to achieve a harmonious development of a key, dry powder mortar equipment development should take the environmental line.

Fourth, at the same time to extend the service life of dry mortar production line to ensure that equipment is easy to maintain.