How To Control The Quality Of Dry-mixing Mortar Equipment Manufacturers

1, the comprehensive quality of dry mortar equipment awareness of education and training. Medium and small insulation mortar equipment manufacturers of production operators are generally low-quality phenomena, insulation mortar equipment companies recruit more workers are "migrant workers" and not the real technology "workers", their minds there is no "quality" concept. Therefore, to improve the insulation mortar equipment enterprise product quality, the first to improve the staff of the "quality consciousness" began.

Second, strict implementation of dry-mixing mortar equipment technology procedures. Production and processing of products must strictly enforce the operating procedures, according to the production process requirements. Because the manufacturing process is the direct process of product formation, product quality directly depends on the effective control of the process, any part of negligence can lead to product failure. In addition, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process, but also need to improve the operation of production operators, a key link in the production process, will affect product quality, process capacity and production efficiency factors are tube up, to establish a sustainable and stable production of high-quality products production team.

Third, reasonable set of quality control points. The reasonable setting of the quality control point is the precondition of the product quality assurance, so the corresponding control link must be set in the process of quality control. such as: raw material incoming inspection, process inspection and final inspection of semi-finished products; Secondly, establish the "Three inspection" system, set up the internal quality control personnel, in the production of each key process to set up control points, and to determine the quality of all levels of charge for the first responsibility person It should be noted that the quality control personnel must be independent of the production department, centralized quality management directly under the Department of insulation mortar equipment, the highest leadership of the enterprise, so that quality controls can really play a role.

Fourth, to establish a smooth flow of quality information transmission channels. The lag of quality information brings about the backwardness of product quality, no smooth quality feedback channel, it is difficult to guarantee the product quality. Therefore, "timeliness of information" is the key to solve the problem.