Maintenance And Operation Of Insulation Mortar Equipment

Proper operation of the insulation mortar equipment, timely maintenance, not only to extend the life of the machine, and improve the efficiency of the machine. We are in the operation of insulation mortar equipment and maintenance should pay attention to these matters:

First, children are strictly prohibited from unauthorized access to this machine, so as to avoid accidents, safety first.

Second, the insulation mortar equipment to prohibit the operation of the reverse run.

Third, the hopper maintenance: often check the inlet fence is loose, with or without foreign body to enter.

Fourth, bucket elevator maintenance:

1, the nose, the bearing on the base of the month to check the filling grease.

2, transport belt check once a month, adjust the tightness, solid small bucket connection screws.

3, backrest coupling check once a month, the cushion is damaged when the replacement, the screws in a timely manner.

Fifth,insulation mortar equipment maintenance:

1, reducer lubricants for the first time to add one liter of lubricants to two liters, after a monthly check, the timely filling to the oil standard window 1/2.

2, filling the oil, the winter can be used for high-grade lubricants.

3, both ends of the bearing position to check once a month, with a grease gun at the filling nozzle so far at the inorganic insulation mortar production line inorganic insulation mortar equipment.