On The Difference Between Dry-mortar And Dried Mortar

1. Same point:

(1) Production and supply of professional production plants.

The quality of mortar is guaranteed by professional and technical personnel to carry out the mixture ratio design, formulation development and quality control of mortar.

2. Different points:

(1) The state and storage time of mortar are different.

Wet mixing mortar is the mixture of all components, including water, mixing, can be used directly in the construction site, but before the mortar condensation is finished, the longest storage time is not more than 24h; dry-mixing mortar is a dry mixture of evenly mixed materials, in bulk or in bagged form, the mortar needs to be in the construction site to add water or matching liquid mixing evenly after use. Dry-Mixed mortar storage is a longer period, usually 3 months or 6 months.

(2) The production equipment is different:

At present, most of the wet mixing mortar is produced by concrete mixing station, and the dry mixing mortar is produced by the specialized mixing equipment.

(3) Different varieties:

Because wet mixing mortar is produced in the form of wet mixing, not suitable for the production of high viscosity mortar, so the mortar varieties are less, at present only masonry, plastering, ground and other mortar varieties; dry-mixing mortar production is dry-like materials, not by the production of restrictions, so a wide variety of mortar, but the varieties of raw materials more than wet mixing mortar many, and more complex.

(4) The sand is treated differently:

Wet mixing mortar with sand do not need to dry, and dry-mixed mortar with sand to be dried.

(5) Transport equipment is different:

The wet mixing mortar should be transported by mixing truck to ensure that the mortar does not produce stratification and segregation in the transportation process; The bulk dry mixing mortar is transported by tanker, and the bagged dry mixing mortar is transported by car.