Preparation Of Dry Mortar Production Line Before Use

As a professional dry powder mortar production line manufacturers, today with you to learn about the preparation of dry mortar production line before the use of work.

(1) First ensure that the air compressor unannounced visits, should be placed horizontally, fixed, well-ventilated position, to avoid the equipment to withstand the rain, exposure in the sunshine situation.

(2) dry-mixing mortar equipment operators need to adjust the air pressure automatic switch to the upper and lower limits, too low pressure can lead to slow cylinder movements, high pressure on the gas road system seal disadvantage.

(3) Inspect the oil level of the dry powder mortar production line, keep the oil surface between the oil ruler and the upper and lower line, the oil surface is close to the off-line, adding new oil;

(4) Staff to inspect the conveyor belt tension is appropriate, if the finger presses the belt, the belt sag around 10mm for the best; replace the conveyor belt to maintain the consistency of the tension.