Sandi Intelligent Spraying Robot Was Born In Henan Province


The 2016 luoyang robot and intelligent equipment exhibition, hosted by the government of luoyang city, henan province, May 9.As one of the largest in the central plains robot exhibition the exhibition attracted including fanuc, library card, yaskawa robot, ABB and other international leading enterprises, nearly 200 exhibitors robot and intelligent equipment manufacturers.Domestic shares of citic heavy industries, and wisdom, the Beijing bo, yeung sum precision SanDi technology co,LTD, henan zhengzhou, and other enterprises also brings the latest development of robots, welding robot, palletizing robot, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), 3 d printing, intelligent building robot spray equipment.One of the highlights of this exhibition is the independent brand robot developed by China. Citic heavy industries has demonstrated the newly developed sorting robot, fire fighting robot and underwater robot.Zhengzhou sandi science and technology co., ltd. of henan province shows the intelligent spraying robot, etc.

As the only is given priority to with industrial robots in henan luoyang intelligent equipment production base, there are more than 100 enterprises and research institutes to carry out the robot and intelligent manufacturing equipment related products research and development and production, robot and intelligent equipment industry main business revenue growth rate above 25%.By the end of 2016, the company's main business revenue of the robot and intelligent equipment industry will reach 80 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the equipment manufacturing sales.The scale application of industrial robot and intelligent equipment is realized in the key industrial area of the city, and the intelligent rate of existing equipment production line is over 30%.

In the exhibition scene, the reporter went to henan province zhengzhou 101 booths at SanDi technology co, LTD, built a smart spray robot has attracted a lot of viewers, if not seen, a reporter on the big screen in front of it is hard to believe that flat wall is not built with block, not with the concrete pouring into, but the sight of the cabinet and delicate, computer control robot spraying, the spray new intelligent building robots for every visiting people feel shocked.

"Sandi's smart spraying robot created a huge market sensation when it was launched, because it completely upended the traditional idea of building walls."

According to henan province zhengzhou SanDi Zhao Jiangang, head of science and technology co., LTD., built robots are SanDi SanDi intelligence spray to cope with the demand of the construction of intelligent construction company, built in building wall spray, spray and plaster wall machine construction is given priority to, and aims at building wall mechanized construction and wall spray plastering construction and development of the first generation of robots, should be first in the country.The intelligent spraying robot can also perform different construction tasks according to the need, such as the mine, road and other industries, such as the protection of the slope, the protective wall, etc.Smart spray robot advantage is significant, it can replace traditional spray wall workers, a substantial reduction in wall construction personnel, reduce the amount of labor employment and worker construction strength, stability and efficiency of construction are higher than manual operation ability.

The domestic construction industry's first intelligent robot named Sundytec MakerBot1.0 sandi intelligent spraying robot.It features three aspects: one is programmable; the robot can be programmed to work with the needs of its working environment;The second is anthropomorphization. The robot has the functions of the large arm, forearm, wrist, flip and so on in the mechanical structure, which is controlled by the computer to achieve the operation of multi-degree of freedom.The third is universality, the robot has better universality in the implementation of different construction tasks, and can realize the spraying of various raw materials.

Jian-gang zhao told reporters that their company will build injection in the intelligent robot developed in succession on the basis of building wall leveling robot, build by laying bricks or stones wall robot spraying robot, floor laid robot and special industry, etc.He said that in the near future, ubiquitous robot at the construction site for construction, it not only can replace the traditional spray wall workers, a large number of reducing wall construction personnel, the construction intensity, reduce the amount of labor employment and workers and construction stability and efficiency are higher than the level of manual operation.