The Configuration And Staffing Of The Insulation Mortar Mixer Are Introduced

With the development of modern architecture, the building equipment insulation mortar mixer comes into being.

Insulation mortar mixer able to meet the performance requirements of dry mortar, dry material, adhesive powder production needs, such as: putty powder, powder coating, masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation mortar, decorative mortar, etc all kinds of dry powder mortar needed by the system.

And it has many advantages such as small area, little investment, quick results and easy operation.

Configuration and staffing of heat preservation mortar mixer

Thermal insulation mortar mixer production line main configuration: hopper, screw hoist, mixing silo, zero gravity mixing machine, finished product warehouse, homogenizing feeder, automatic metering packaging machine, dust collector, platform support gym guardrail, electrical control cabinet, etc.

General insulation mortar mixer 1-2 people can easily operate, in recent years, the production technology of mortar mixer through constant improvement, w at present stage production of thermal insulation mortar mixer has entered the domestic advanced level, our insulation mortar mixer have been sold to many countries and regions in Asia, was deeply loved by the masses of users and praise.