The Long - Term Strategy Of Exterior Wall Insulation Materials In China

At present, the domestic new building extensive use of organic thermal insulation materials, such as molded polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board and foam polyurethane. Their thermal insulation performance is better than a small part of inorganic materials, such as glass wool, rock wool, aluminum silicate fiber, phosphate expansion perlite, is also the mainstream building insulation materials. But from the material performance terms, they burn low, is flammable, if the building in a large number of packages that have a certain degree of flammability insulation material, is bound to leave a fire hazard to the building. Therefore, the relevant departments must strengthen the fire management of such buildings, and to raise public awareness of these materials, so that scientific prevention.

A domestic statistical report pointed out that about 25% of the fire related to building insulation materials occurred during the holding of insulation materials, 65% occurred in the insulation material laying process, less than 10% occurred in the construction put into use. It can be seen that the building wall insulation construction process is a high risk of fire. Regulatory departments should strengthen the building exterior wall insulation materials manufacturing enterprises, construction enterprises and building insulation materials market standardized management, to carry out wall insulation system certification work, the introduction of permits, insurance and other systems to improve the safety of building wall insulation. "In the conduct of fire supervision and inspection, the fire department to the construction site management personnel to pass the awareness of fire prevention, but also requires the construction site to ensure that each face are equipped with fire water to prepare for the fire to carry out self-help. Site management, in order to maximize the elimination of fire safety risks.

At present, China's fire equipment "long high" far from the speed of the building "long high" speed. According to statistics, in recent years, China has reached more than 100 high-rise buildings, there are a number of under construction. Combined with high-rise building exterior insulation materials fire with great destructive power, fighting a great degree of difficulty, fire spread and other characteristics, the fire department in accordance with the government fire planning and regional economic development of the actual situation, consciously acquired turbojet, Vehicles, ladder fire engines, the use of high-end equipment to enhance the fire brigade emergency rescue and tackling combat capability, so as to quickly extinguish the external wall insulation material fire, to prevent the occurrence of group death accident.

Building wall insulation materials widely used, making the building fire problem both to consider the building within the fire, but also consider the building outside the fire. Only to seriously learn from the relevant domestic fire accident lessons, recognize the cause of external wall insulation materials, the root causes of fire, take effective measures, the city's fire safety have the foundation, the people's lives and property security can be guaranteed.